Multi-touch panels are being utilized more and more in the education and corporate workplace. A well-designed multi-touch panel, such as the Vivitek series is easy-to-use, reliable and efficient. It runs on an Android platform which features Google Playstore Applications. The same ease in using your phone can now be utilized in front of our Touch panels. The major difference is now having an 86” Phone on the wall for everyone to follow your work or presentation. Multi-touch panels easily integrate into an existing work or education philosophy.

The panels are user-friendly and very intuitive. This means you get to spend more time sharing ideas and being productive. This technology offers a fully interactive experience which is extremely versatile. You can expect to see increased engagement anywhere these panels are implemented. They can be utilized in board rooms, lecture theatres, receptions etc. Imex offers an industry leading product suitable for classroom use or in the corporate world with different sizes and specs to meet your specific needs.



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